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Since most of my entries are f-locked by now, I thought I might as well put up an "official" friends only sign.

however, graphics posts will remain public entries.

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If you want to be added, just send a message (PM) or simply comment.

please note:

if you decide to friend me, it'd be lovely if you could leave a note telling me why you're friending me, otherwise I'll just assume you're here for icons (which is great, too! :D) and not friend you back.
Icon-posts will never be friends-locked.

I filter most of my German entries. If I know German's your first language I will automatically add you to the respective friends group. If that is not the case but you want to be on that filter, let me know. ♥

The Big Resources Entry + Tags & Navigation

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the icon posts became a bit unwieldy, so I went way back (yes, even back to the old, very early, even more crappy icon posts. :D Imageshack has slowly started eating those, though*. Thank you, imageshack, thank you) and added new tags.

*I could delete them, but isn't half the fun watching how skills develop and taste changes? That's what old shames are for...


some Musketeers graphics

I haven't iconned in ages (maybe I should do a 100x100 challenge again?), but I have tumblr graphics?

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Fandom-Weihnachtswichteln auf Deutsch

Bin vermutlich nicht dabei, aber vielleicht hat's ja jemand auf meiner Flist noch nicht gesehen und würde gerne einen Wunschzettel posten:

Remember this movie I cried about because it looked like I wouldn't be able to see it?

The movie is Michiel de Ruyter - its international title is Admiral - and no, it's still not playing anywhere I could reasonably watch it on the big screen, but it's out on DVD by now (not in my country though, of course)! And I managed to import a copy! From the UK! :DD

and this DVD case is the just greatest thing!Collapse )
Contains SpoilersCollapse )

So, in that vein, here's some wishes for series 3:

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And that's it. Sounds doable, right?

The Musketeers 02x08, "The Prodigal Father"

Well, that was underwhelming.

(Don't worry, I'm not hating ... everything. It's just long. I simply, unreasonably expected more from the long since promised big episode about my favourite musketeer.)

Beware of SpoilersCollapse )

Btw. I'm still intending to write that young!Treville + de Foix + Belgard fic (with maybe a side helping of ill-advised disaster ship Trevilieu) about them being the proto-three-musketeers. But I'm unsure about how to handle Belgard now. Writing him as majorily a douche would be too simplistic, but then again this is fandom, and writing a character (even pre-canon) who [did what he did]did something as horrible as Belgard did to a servant - who might or might not have been still enslaved at the time? I think the "no slave on French soil" thing was a later thing? Or am I mixing things up and it would have been a thing at the time the show takes place but got revoked by "our" Louis' son/Louis XIV? - and one he got pregnant too, whether there were feelings involved or not (I'm guessing "not" btw)! as even somewhat sympathetic might only ignite people's righteous anger.

(posting this without friendslock for bbc_musketeers)

Reading list 2015

Bit late getting this entry up but then I haven't done that much reading this year so far:

colour key:
Loved it, will definitely read it again. 5*
Liked it, will most likely read it again. 4*
An okay book. Will sit on the shelf for a while before I consider reading it again. 3*
Disappointing, will probably not read it again. 2*
Strongly disliked it, will never read it again, unless you pay me. 1*

older entries:

Books read in

2014 (shelf on goodreads + meme thing)
2013 (reviews on goodreads + meme thing)
2012 (reviews on goodreads)
2011 (reviews on goodreads)

1. Villains by Necessity (1995) Eve ForwardebookFantasyreview (EN) 2*
2. Richelieu: Der Aufstieg zur Macht (1968) Carl J. Burckhardt hardcovernon-fictionreview (DE) 5*
3. Die Unendliche Geschichte (1979) Michael Ende hardcoverFantasyreview (EN) 5*
4. The Tiger in the Smoke (1952) Margery Allingham paperbackCrime Fictionreview (EN) 3*
5. Breakfast of Champions (1973) Kurt Vonnegut paperbackContemporary/Humourreview (EN) 2*
6. Der Schwalbenturm [Wieża jaskółki] (1997) Andrzej Sapkowski paperbackFantasyreview (DE) 4*
7. Landsman Hay: The Memoirs of Robert Hay, 1789-1847 (1953) Robert Hay, M. D. Hay (editor) hardcovernon-fictionreview (EN) 3*
8. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (2001) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 3*
9. Richelieu: Behauptung der Macht und Kalter Krieg (1968) Carl J. Burckhardt hardcovernon-fictionreview (DE) 4*
10. Le Comte de Tréville, Capitaine des Mousquetaires (2008) Joseph Miqueu paperbacknon-fictionreview (EN) 3*
11. Die Dame vom See [Pani jeziora] (1999) Andrzej Sapkowski paperbackFantasyreview (DE) 5*
12. Guards! Guards! (1989) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 4.5*
13. Men At Arms (1993) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 5*
14 Feet of Clay (1996) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 4*
15. The Thick of It: The Missing DoSAC Files (2010) Armando Iannucci et al. paperbackHumourreview (EN) 4,5*
16. Jingo (1997) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 4,5*
17. Night Watch (2002) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 5*
18. Richelieu: Großmachtpolitik und Tod des Kardinals (1968) Carl J. Burckhardt hardcover non-fiction review (DE) 3*
19. Bloodchild: And Other Stories (1995/2003) Octavia E. Butler ebookSci-Fireview (EN) 4*
20. Raising Steam (2013) Terry Pratchett paperbackFantasyreview (EN) 2*
21. Menage A Musketeer (2015) Lissa Trevor paperbackSmutreview (EN) 3*
22. Zeit des Sturms [Sezon Burz] (2013) Andrzej Sapkowski paperbackFantasyreview (DE) 4*
23. The Masque of the Red Death (1842) Edgar Allan Poe ebookHorrorreview (-) 3*
24. So Far From God (1993) Ana Castillo paperbackContemporary/Fantasyreview (EN) 4*
25. The Wicked + The Divine #1 (2014) Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie paperbackContemporary/Fantasyreview (EN) 4*
26. The Guardians (2007) Ana Castillo paperbackContemporaryreview (EN) 3*

currently reading:



[23] Agent Carter

preview icons:
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this batch was made using

background textures by erniemay, tihana, rebel, lemonlight and absolutetrouble
tiny text graphics by magdalena_stock @deviantArt.com;

screencaps taken from screencapped.

please don’t hotlink or alter any of these icons, nor claim them as your own.
comments & credit are not required but greatly appreciated ♥.


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