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Since most of my entries are f-locked by now, I thought I might as well put up an "official" friends only sign.

however, graphics posts (icons, mood themes, wallapers, etc), fanart and (some) memes will remain public entries.

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If you want to be added, just send a message (PM) or simply comment. And, please, do tell me why you're friending me, okay? :) Otherwise I'll just assume you're here for icons and not friend you back.

Icon-posts will never be friends-locked.

I filter most of my German entries. If I know German's your first language I will automatically add you to the respective friends group. If that is not the case but you want to be on that filter, let me know. ♥

The Big Resources Entry + Tags & Navigation

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the icon posts became a bit unwieldy, so I went way back (yes, even back to the old, very early, even more crappy icon posts. :D Imageshack has slowly started eating those, though*. Thank you, imageshack, thank you) and added new tags.

*I could delete them, but isn't half the fun watching how skills develop and taste changes? That's what old shames are for...


Musketeers Icons

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[110] The Musketeers (including text-icons)

preview icons:
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this batch was made using
background-textures by rebel, cdg, lemonlight & tiny text by magdalena_stock;

please don’t hotlink or alter any of these icons, nor claim them as your own.
comments & credit are not required but greatly appreciated ♥.

Icon set for de_bingo

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[15 + 3] The Musketeers (episode 01x05)
icon set für de_bingo

Prompt: "Freundschaft" (Friendship)
Freundschaft ist eine Frucht, die du dir von deinem besten Freund betrunken vom Kopf schießen lässt.

preview icons:
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Multi-Fandom icon post.

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[33] Horatio Hornblower (tv series)
[09] Looking for Group (webcomic, text only)
[64] The Musketeers (episode 01x01 + text icons)

preview icons:
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this batch was made using

lighting- and background-textures by lemonlight, rebel, tihana;
tiny text by magdalena_stock;

please don’t hotlink or alter any of these icons, nor claim them as your own.
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Books read in 2014

reading, tota: reading
It is time for the new entry.

colour key:
Loved it, will definitely read it again. 5*
Liked it, will most likely read it again. 4*
An okay book. Will sit on the shelf for a while before I consider reading it again. 3*
Disappointing, will probably not read it again. 2*
Strongly disliked it, will never read it again, unless you pay me. 1*

older entries:

Books read in

2013 (reviews on goodreads
2012 (reviews on goodreads)
2011 (reviews on goodreads)

1. First Voyage: The Sea Lord Chronicles (2012) David Healey ebookFantasy/Age of Sailreview (EN) 3*
2. The Tortilla Curtain (1995) T. C. Boyle paperbackContemporaryreview (EN) 2*
3. We Happy Few (2006) Rolando Hinojosa paperbackContemporaryreview (EN) 3*
4. The Art of Darksiders II (2012) THQ & Joe Madueira paperbackart bookreview (EN) 5*
5. Der letzte Wunsch [Ostatnie życzenie] (1993) Andrzej Sapkowski paperbackFantasyreview (GER) 4*
6. The Sea Painter's World: The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt (2012) Geoff Hunt hardcoverart bookreview (EN) 4*
7. Nelson - Britannia's God of War (2005) Andrew Lambert paperbacknon-fictionreview (EN) 3*
8. Die Drei Musketiere [Les Trois Mousquetaires] (1844) Alexandre Dumas (père) hardcoverhistorical fictionreview (GER) 5*
9. Eight Days of Luke (1975) Diana Wynne Jones ebookFantasyreview (EN) 3*
10. Sheep (1994) Simon Maginn ebookHorrorreview (EN) 3*
11. The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (2012) Tom Reiss ebooknon-fictionreview (EN) 4*
12. Sword & Blood: The Vampire Musketeers (2012) Sarah Marqués ebookFantasy/Horrorreview (EN) 3*
13. Renaissance Swordsmanship: Illustrated Use of Rapiers and Cut-and-thrust Swords (1998) John Clements paperbacknon-fictionreview (EN) 4*
14. Das Schwert der Vorsehung [Miecz przeznaczenia] (1992) Andrzej Sapkowski paperbackFantasyreview (GER) 3-4*
15. Zwanzig Jahre danach [Vingt ans après] (1845) Alexandre Dumas (père) paperback / ebookhistorical fictionreview (ENG) 4*

currently reading:

The Hellbound Heart (1986) Clive Barker ebookHorrorreview (ENG)
The Vicomte de Bragelonne OR Ten Years Later [Le Vicomte de Bragelonne] (1845) Alexandre Dumas (père) ebookFantasyreview (GER)
French Musketeer 1622-1775 (2013) René Chartrand ebooknon-fictionreview (EN)


reading, tota: reading
What's the best book you read this year?

Best fiction: Oooh, hard question, I read a couple of books I really loved this year. I guess I’m gonna have to go with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (which for some reason I keep wanting to call “Dr Strange & Mr Norrell”. Damn you, Stephen!) by Susanna Clarke. Even though on a personal level there were other books that I felt were a bit more perfected in their structure, or their plotting, this one wins on style alone. I was simply so impressed by the sheer detail and the imaginativeness of the world building. The only other book that comes to mind immediately, with the same scope would actually be The Lord of the Rings (plot-wise you cannot compare the two at all though. LotR is a tale of good & evil, Strange & Norrell is rather more the opposite).

Best non-fiction: Storm & Conquest by Stephen Taylor. Not only does the author’s enthusiasm for the topic leap from the pages, it is also a very enjoyable read, since it is structured like a novel: We get introduced to the historical figures as if they were characters, and the description of storms and battles are, at times, quite colourful. It’s info-tainment in book form. Yet, reading it you never have to fear that facts are bent to fit a narrative. The book is pure fact, only it’s written in a very conversational tone. The extensive footnotes, notes and bibliography are all convincingly scholarly.

What's the worst book you read this year?

In terms of writing, I am sad to say it is clearly Eye of the Fleet by Richard Woodman, first of the Nathaniel Drinkwater novels. I had high hopes for this one, because the author’s research skills are highly regarded in fandom, and the book covers a couple of interesting themes, that none of the other classics I read (Aubreyad, Hornblower, Ramage, Bolitho) ever even touch upon. Alas, it is simply badly written: Lot's of purply prose, and wooden dialogue and one-dimensional characters!

Runner up for worst book, although not due (solely) to the writing style would be Ransom by Lee Rowan. This book offended me on both an intellectual and an emotional level, and I might still some day be doing a detailed break-down (read: sporking) of that thing as I had originally planned, I just don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I keep putting it off, because the book simply makes me uncomfortable.

(It’s such a hot mess, let me give you an example: The book is p2p Hornblower (TV series) Fanfiction, as I did find out through research halfway through reading the thing, after it had begun to make my e-reader smell fishy. You can really tell it’s p2p with the numbers filed off. Not just because you recognise character constellations from the original material, but because the scenes that had to be added years after the original fic was written, to make up new background for the characters – since the book couldn’t possibly refer to fandom canon any longer – are much more competently written, much more atmospheric, and simply a lot better than the rest of the text. It’s clear that with more work and tweaking – okay, a LOT of tweaking – this might have become a decent book, which makes the mess you’re reading, infuriatingly, only stand out worse).

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Reading Roundup I: What I Read This Year

reading, tota: reading
It is done. I am not going to finish reading another book this year, so let's do the roundup:

The e-reader increased the amount of books I read by a good third! It's almost frightening how much I read this year (granted, a lot of these were under 300 pages, and quite a few were actually plays, so there's even less text on the pages, but still, being able to have lots of books with you whereever you go is magical.)

colour key:
Loved it, will definitely read it again.
Liked it, will most likely read it again.
An okay book. Will sit on the shelf for a while before I consider reading it again.
Disappointing, will probably not read it again.
Strongly disliked it, will never read it again, unless you pay me.

colour-coded table behind cutCollapse )

I'll post one of those "best book/worst book/end of the year" memes later. :)


Happy Holidays!

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Dear flisters,
I wish you a very happy Christmas,
in case you celebrate.

Winter Dragon by ~ Dreoilin

Even if you don't, I hope you'll all find the time to spend a couple of relaxing days during the holidays.
(and keep safe in this weather!)

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