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Since most of my entries are f-locked by now, I thought I might as well put up an "official" friends only sign.

however, graphics posts will remain public entries.

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If you want to be added, just send a message (PM) or simply comment.

please note:

if you decide to friend me, it'd be lovely if you could leave a note telling me why you're friending me, otherwise I'll just assume you're here for icons (which is great, too! :D) and not friend you back.
Icon-posts will never be friends-locked.

I filter most of my German entries. If I know German's your first language I will automatically add you to the respective friends group. If that is not the case but you want to be on that filter, let me know. ♥

The Big Resources Entry + Tags & Navigation

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icon resourcesCollapse )

the icon posts became a bit unwieldy, so I went way back (yes, even back to the old, very early, even more crappy icon posts. :D Imageshack has slowly started eating those, though*. Thank you, imageshack, thank you) and added new tags.

*I could delete them, but isn't half the fun watching how skills develop and taste changes? That's what old shames are for...


A handful of icons

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I'm quick, aren't I? Last night on your telly, today a text-icon!

[6+1] A Touch of Cloth 3 (text only)

am I really putting up previews for 7 icons? Yeah, I am.

#1 #2 #3

it's morbidCollapse )

my last batch of ATOC-based text-icons can be found here.

Random: A Sporking, part IV

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If you hate misrepresentation of torture and injuries in fiction you are going to love this part! In the following chapter Captain Adrian (nyhahahahahaha) introduces us to the joys of corporal punishment. What could possibly go wrong?

Part I
Part II
Part III

Prepare for a caning and: Critical Research FailureCollapse )

Random: A Sporking, part III

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We're back! And we learn that it used to be a veritable zoo aboard Calypso!

Part I
Part II

Guess what's for dinnerCollapse )

Random: A Sporking, part II

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Link to part I.

This is the part in which we commence the actual sporking in detail! What fun! (Sweet Zombie Jesus, give me strength! XD)

After the introduction in the previous post I can't honestly say we're ready to dive into this thing, because nothing will ever adequately prepare you for this kind of horror show. But, let's dig into:

Random Ransom – by Lee Rowan.

Think of England!Collapse )

In the next part Drinkwater keeps writing superflous log entries, Captain Smith tries to be useful but is foiled by the requirements of the plot, and Davy learns the true meaning behind his woobieness.

Random: A Sporking, part I

Welcome, welcome, all of you lost souls. Join me for an evening of creepy tales of woe.

I wanted to do another sporking, and it was either this novel, or one that I actually like. But failte_aoife and nessaniel insisted I do this one first:

This entry is the first of many to spork a novel that is actually Hornblower (TV!canon) slash fic with the serial numbers filed off.

Please be aware that this novel deals with themes of rape and abuse (in the typical, classy badfic way!). Continue reading at your own risk.

This series of entries is going to be one in which I curse a lot and express my disgust for OTT-woobie-fandom. WITH PICTURES.

You might want to keep away if this is an emotionally charged topic for you. But I'd prefer if you all stayed and joined the fun!

I am sporking the novel and not the fanfic version, because I am willing to allow much more leeway (ahahaha) to a fanfic (especially a 14 year old fanfic that is bogged down in oldschool fanfic clichés) than a more recently published work that I actually paid real-life money for.

You can find an actual review by me that is not a sporking of this novel on goodreads.

Pirates and plagiarism and woobies, oh my!Collapse )

The Musketeers: Pilot script

musketeers: shipping, musketeers: model kit
So I finished reading the last volume of The Vicomte de Bragelonne. I thought I was ready for all the sad.

Gotta hand it to Dumas though (or well, to his staff of ghost writers. Or his writer sweatshop. Whoever truly wrote the thing), he knows how to kill off characters in order to inflict maximum hurt. XD I'm not still crying. I only got something in my eye. And my other eye. And in my heart!

So to cheer myself up I had a look at the original script for the The Musketeers pilot episode that has been making the rounds (someone linked to it over on bbc_musketeers). And wow, did it cheer me up! (I'm so glad we got the episode we got instead XD)

there are people saying they prefer this earlier version but I don't believe themCollapse )


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[53 + variants] The Musketeers (BBC series)

preview icons:
##1 ##2 ##3

icons behind cutCollapse )

this batch was made using

tiny text graphics by magdalena_stock;

please don’t hotlink or alter any of these icons, nor claim them as your own.
comments & credit are not required but greatly appreciated ♥.


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